About Meira Golbert, MA

PWN AACI Nov 14 043editMeira is a trailblazer in the field of heart-based energetic healing, a Master Life Coach, and a Spiritual Counselor. She is one of the first Accredited Practitioners in Israel of “The Journey”, the work of Brandon Bays.

Since graduating from The University of Texas cum laude with a Master of Arts in Communications, Meira had been searching for the right application of her talents. One day, while taking part in a healing circle, she discovered that she had a gift for energetic healing. She has used this gift to help others to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually for over thirty years.

Deeply intuitive, Meira is able to pinpoint the energetic blocks in her clients and apply a unique strategy based on her broad skills, including The Journey, EFT, TAT, EmoTrance, Polarity Counseling, and Coaching.

Meira lives with her husband, her elderly mother, and teenage twins in the hills of Jerusalem.